Maplewood Youth (MY Group)


The counselors work very hard to make it a comfortable, fun, and safe place where young people can speak freely and honestly about what's happening in their lives. The counselors look for "teachable moments" in the discussion, using those opportunities to change the way young people think from "This is how things are" to "why shouldn't I make things better?"  MY Group's informal structure lends itself not only to heavy youth involvement in discussion, but also to easy invitational opportunities.  

The goal of the program is to equip young people with the knowledge that they are absolutely saved and put right with God when they accept Jesus Christ, and that they have the power and authority to lead any other person to the same realization.  During the summer and fall, we support the ministry of Camp Fontanelle.  

MY Group enjoys being active. For instance, we play in Gaga tournaments, go on crazy scavenger hunts, hold lock-ins at the church, go swimming, perform a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, and many other activities.  MY Group is FUN!!!